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My name is Dario Luca Fink, and I am the photographer behind the name DARREN FEELS. Originally, I am from the west side of Austria, but the world is my playground. At 25 years old now, I am fully immersed in the creative act between travel and photography, always on the hunt for the next adventure. My love for skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing, made me who I am today, and I couldn't imagine a life without it. My process of becoming a full time photographer starts a lot later, 4 years ago to be exact. I picked up my first camera when I moved to Australia for a gap year, but quickly realized, this is not just a year of travel. It's where the travel bug stung me for the first time and has been itching ever since. With my camera glued to my hands, I travelled all over the world, trying to capture the fading moments of this precious life. From sunrises in Sydney to the most incredible sunsets on the South African coastline, my camera and I have been in a great relationship and the bond keeps getting stronger. I do not know what I would be doing without it, and I honestly don't want to. It's capturing the moments that would've been gone forever, that makes it such a remarkable and powerful visual expression of what I want to say. So far, my positive and unconventional way of living has always been very rewarding. I want to continue to travel this floating rock in endless nothingness until I've seen all the beauty we are surrounded by, surfed every wave I dream of at night, shred down the highest peaks and skate through empty streets at night. I will be sharing my experiences through my social media and take you with me on my never ending journey.